Peas, please

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – or rather the cosy confines of the 60s semi-detached that we call “Birch Modern” – there are seeds to sow. The dining room already hosts a collection of trays, a patchwork quilt of tomato, basil, pepper, and pumpkin (as well as cosmos, foxglove, dahlia, salvia, and sweet pea) seedlings. A month ago I planted peas in a length of guttering:

Sheltered from the worst of the weather, and from hungry allotment mice, the seeds got a jump start on the season. Now twice as high as the ones I’ve sown directly into the ground, these pea seedlings are ready to be transported, carefully, to the allotment, where I will slide them out of the gutter into their final growing site.


2 thoughts on “Peas, please

  1. Hello, pre-peas! I just wanted to drop a comment in here to let you know I’ll be checking in. Miss you guys lots, erika

  2. Ah, how plants do grow in that UK! After summer in March we got winter in April (with snow), so it will be a while before the seedlings go into the garden. I love your story, Volutina. (Will have to Google the name. A Roman goddess of fertility?) And thank you for the Vienna piece, also lovely.

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