Vienna: family

Our week in Vienna presented us with an invigorating mix of art, history, culture, architecture, and, of course, food. Here are some things Zoe and Isobel loved:
• Seeing Breugel’s Hunters in the Snow, Ruben’s Head of the Medusa, and Klimt’s mural paintings at the Kunsthistorisches Museum.
•Listening to the Marriage of Figaro and interesting facts about the composer’s life while touring Mozart’s house.
• Watching the animals, including bats, birds, and bears, at the Tiergarten Zoo in the grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace (as well as eating the ice creams and fried dough).
• Jumping off the 4 metre high diving board and swimming outdoors in the toasty pools at the Therm Wien spa.
• Thrilling to the sight of beautiful Lipizzaner stallions cantering and performing lavades at the elegant Spanish Riding School. (Isobel)
• Eating weiner schnitzel, Kate’s matzo ball soup, and cakes: zwetschgen strudel, apfelstrudel, Sacher torte – all “mit slag.”

The highlights are many, but no list is complete without mentioning that we had the great good fortune to be visiting family. So before we leave Vienna behind for more localized reports of germinating peas, here are some photos of the cousins, having fun creating Easter eggs:


the finished product


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