Bonjour ma famille

Bonjour ma famille et mes copains! It’s Zoe Gasser-Lawrence here; named ‘pink fir apple’ – a coral pink variety of potato – in the virtual world of WordPress. I will be posting snippets of my life here in Royal Leamington Spa, things I love to do or am interested in or proud of; any paintings, photography (my new passion/favourite hobby) school work, or simply a quick written update.
Here are a few starters to give you a taste of what I do in terms of photography. I usually take a picture whenever I see something that I find interesting and can use to produce a piece of attractive artwork with. These are some of my personal favourites…

4 thoughts on “Bonjour ma famille

  1. Beautiful, lady pinkfirapple! I felt a serious pang upon seeing those clams–Isobel’s expression summed it up quite nicely. Can’t wait to see more of your work…

    • Thankyou, I caught Isobel’s face at just the right moment! I send my love over to Cincinnati for you Jon, and hope to see you this summer!
      Lady Pinkfirapple

  2. Thank you, ma cherie, a delectable post. We look forward to more as your busy schedule allows.

    Love, Ouma

    • Yay, I can’t wait to show you more of what’s happening with me these days! Much love over to Rochester, and I hope to see you both in the summer!

      Love, Zoe

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