Under fleece, signs of growth

Warwickshire is in a drought. However, official drought status has not stopped the country from enjoying the rainiest April ever recorded. And the precipitation has not let up in May. It has rained a lot. And it’s cold out. The boxes of summer clothes that we brought down from attic storage in a fit of optimistic exuberance over a month ago have been returned, unopened. And sadly there is no date set for their re-emergence!

Despite our weather woes, there are signs of spring around, and slow growth in our garden. Here is what I saw when I lifted the fleece to see how my shallot bulbs were doing:

rows of garlic, shallots, and lettuce

‘Morton’s Secret Mix’
lettuce seedlings










And look what else has slowly emerged:

asparagus spears

Asparagus! Unfurling like some ancient fern and then rising up from the earth. It’s all a bit magical. We were lucky to have received some mature crowns from our allotment neighbor, Saira, in February. She was giving them away In a fit of madness (why else would one divest of asparagus?). So far we have enjoyed one spear each. We hope for more, but don’t want to put undue pressure on newly transplanted plants. When we first got an allotment we wanted to grow asparagus but were put off by how long you had to wait until you could harvest your first crop (at least two years). Now we’ve finally got some. A reason to celebrate, regardless of the weather.


2 thoughts on “Under fleece, signs of growth

  1. Hurrah for asparagus! I’d much rather see a photo of asparagus spears than britney spears. That’ll be a grand dinner, one each! Loving your blog and Zoe’s photos.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Claire! I’m pleased to hear that agriculture trumps celebrity culture in your view. Let’s hope the asparagus prospers so that we can enjoy a spear or two with you.

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