Some Tunes and a Stroll

As it was the Leamington Music Festival last week, Dad and I went to a classical piano concert together to have a little dad/daughter time, to have a quick break from homework and the practising of a particular instrument, and for me just to watch a professional play the piano as I haven’t done so in a while.

The music was played by Jean-Michel Bayez, a professional French player, who performed Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” which I recognized and loved despite the multiple playings on the stereo on weekend mornings. I definitely enjoyed myself despite being the only youngster present. I walked in and saw a sea of grey hair; the person closest to me in age was in fact Dad …

The following is a selection of some photographs that I took on my mobile phone during a stroll in Jephsons Gardens in the Temperate House, just after the concert in the Pump Rooms with the ol’ dad.

Border displays at Jephsons Gardens

Koi in the Temperate House pool

Flowers in the Temperate House


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