Hats off for creativity

Zoe had a choice to make. Four, to be exact. That is the number of subjects that she could choose to take next year that would round out the compulsory mix of maths, English, science, PE and RE (Religious Education – this is England!). She had a tough time choosing History over Geography (my influence), French over German (her choice), and Fine Art over Drama (not much of a choice as the drama teacher is a depressive flake and art is one of Zoe’s passions).

The fourth option was the most difficult. For her it came down to Latin or Textiles, a Technology subject. Her parents both loved the idea of Latin – the classics! ancient history! great literature! fundamentals of grammar! (sigh) A savvy, academically-oriented choice. We had studied Latin and valued it. So we convinced her; she chose Latin.

But after the form was turned in she began a unit on Textiles and the Latin teacher continued to be less than “inspirational.” She realized that, for her, the choice between learning the declensions of an ancient, unspoken language and learning the art of design was an easy one to make. She loves opportunities to use her creativity, to transform her ideas into plans, to turn her vision into three-dimensional reality.

As if to underscore this, Zoe (once again) has been awarded “Student of the Module” for the design and execution of her hat project, a reversible creation in felt:

Hats off to Zoe (with thanks to her model, Isobel). And yes, she went back and changed her option from Latin to Textiles for next year.


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