Hello! This is Noctuelle, the night moth, last of the family to blog here.

A while ago, I auditioned for a play called Sophie, and in case you were wondering, I was auditioning for the part of 9-year-old Sophie. There were about 20 kids auditioning, I think. And I got the part! Of sassy, precocious and funny Sophie. There were actually only four parts to the play: Sophie, an adult Sophie, my mother, and adult Sophie’s sister Bethany (there’s also a ‘Male Presence,’ but he doesn’t say anything). I was the only young person in the play: the other girls were about 17 at the youngest.

the program

the cast of “Sophie”

I also got a part in another play, though it was small – I was a beggar girl in The House of Bernarda Alba, which I think will be familiar to those who read this: it is by Lorca.

Frederico Garcia Lorca

I really enjoyed the experience and working with older actresses. (By the way, these plays were part of a ‘women’s plays’ season at Playbox, so it was all girls, which was good!) They were all talented and, luckily (!), very nice to me! It was really fun to be in my first real play, because school plays don’t count and in those all I’ve been is the Narrator.

Backstage during “The House of Bernarda Alba”

Anyway, I enjoyed it and I think I did well. Lots of people I knew came to the second performance (which scared me out of my wits) but actually I am glad they came to that one and not the first because then I missed a line and I think I did better in the second one overall.

I had barely finished these productions when it was time for auditions for the annual school play. This year we are putting on The Wizard of Oz and I auditioned for the Wicked Witch of the West because isn’t that the most fun?! And lo and behold, I have that part! (Mrs. Belmega said I scared her to death.) So three plays in a row, which is enough for now.


2 thoughts on “Debut

  1. Congratulations, Noctuelle, aka Young Sophie, aka a child, aka the Wicked Witch. Not to mention Isobel. How we wish we could have seen you perform! But perhaps in the future . . .

    Much love,
    Ouma and Bampa or, if you prefer a more dignified form, Your Rochester Grandparents

  2. Noctuelle! I am thrilled to hear of your new theatrical identities! I am sure you were fantastic, and I’d give anything to see you as the Wicked Witch. Next time we Skype, we should practice cackling.
    ~Auntie Erika

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