This weekend loyal subjects across the land are celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. (As part of the festivities, Elizabeth Windsor, head of church and state for sixty years, floated down the Thames on a barge attended by a vast flotilla of watercraft yesterday. The BBC covered the event live – for four and a half hours – in the rain. We’re with Jon Stewart on this.)

Closer to home, our neighborhood marked the occasion with a traditional event – the street party.  Residents come out of their houses to mingle, drink tea and Pimm’s, play music and games, and eat together at long, communal tables.

It’s Pimm’s o’clock

There were lots of activities, including sumo wrestling and a bouncy castle.

The local band – Charlie and the Milvertones – rocked out

A table-full of jubilee cakes, such as this one, were delicious as well as well-decorated.

Enjoying the show


Street dance

Street cricket

Most people seemed to think the Jubilee was a good excuse to get together and enjoy some cake. But it’s also been an opportunity to show a bit of national pride – Union Jacks are everywhere. And I mean everywhere:

Patriotic butter


2 thoughts on “Jubilee

  1. Thank you for the Leam version. I watched the highlights on the BBC website with mixed feelings. E.g., how far this goes back! (Alfred the Great.) What a downpour! Is this an omen? How irrelevant it all seems in light of the direness in the world at large. Queen or no queen, democracy is hard to achieve everywhere when money rules. And finally, when will it stop raining in Rochester? Should we build an ark? The sky is black as I type, with no change in sight.

    Love your posts. D.

  2. Last words from William Morris, socialist poet, who wrote on the occasion of Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887: “Hideous, revolting and vulgar tomfoolery. One’s indignation swells pretty much to the bursting point.”

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