Tomatoes tucked in

Tomato plants mulched with grass clippings.

Brrr, it’s so cold out! The rain let up just enough this weekend to allow me to plant out the tomato plants I’ve raised from seed. They include some old favorites: Marmande and Gardener’s Delight, as well as some exotic unknowns, courtesy of my friend Karen: Long Red Bulgarian and Rali. At least I hardened them off for a couple of weeks before exiling them to cold and wet ground. (It was quite a rigorous hardening off as the wind blew their pots over on several occasions…) As the lawn had recently been mowed I tucked an insulating duvet of grass around each, though that won’t compensate for lack of heat and sunshine!

Elsewhere – artichokes have appeared:

Spires of artichokes foreground Vervactor and the little red shed.

A nice supper of young artichokes, braised in olive oil, white wine, thyme, and slivers of garlic, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes tucked in

  1. Um, yes please! The picture of the tomatoes all happily planted is so lovely! I’m going to seethe with jealousy when you show the eventual crop. It’d be hard to beat Sacramento for tomatoes, so let’s hope Ohio comes up with some good contenders…

    • In this climate, it’s never wise to count your chickens before they hatch or, in this case, a tomato crop. If this rain continues, blight will attack those plants, turning little green tomato fruits (that one has watched with expectation) brown with scab, ruined. To really grow tomatoes successfully in England I should be putting them not outside, but in a warm and cosy polytunnel or greenhouse. But, for some reason, I still give it a go. Maybe luck/weather will be on our side this year (dismal though it’s largely been to date…). We’ll see. Meanwhile, those artichokes are waiting for you!

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