Photo of the week!

The British “summers” are becoming less ‘summery’ it appears. So from about April till now, at the dawning of July, I have had a substantial amount of hot chocolate. I am warning you now, when you see me in the US, you may not recognise me – I will be so obese that I will roll myself everywhere like Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

My summer refreshment


2 thoughts on “Photo of the week!

  1. Ah, Pinkfirapple, you will be nice and warm here in the US and won’t need hot chocolate. Unfortunately, you will also not enjoy the fruits and vegetables since they will not taste as good as your own from the allotment.

    Miss you!


  2. I will see your hot chocolate habit, Pinkfirapple, and raise you some New England ice cream. What say you? I think during the (brief) 1-2 days we overlap in MA, I’ll have to take you and your witchy confederate to Erickson’s, or Kimball’s or one of the other local purveyors of frozen dairy treats. It won’t keep either of us from Violet Beauregard territory, but it will be great fun and seasonably appropriate. Can’t wait! Auntie E

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