One last dash to the sea

Returned from the US, but loathe to leave summer behind, we capped off the school holidays with a brief, three-day excursion down to the Dorset coast.

Heading out

Swanage offers stunning ocean views, exhilarating walks, and fresh seafood. But also Punch and Judy shows and a steam train that takes you to the impressive ruins of Corfe Castle. So seaside English-style. It’s a place we’ve been meaning to get to for some time since moving to the UK, as it holds many happy childhood memories for Nick who loved visiting his grandparents there.

Above Swanage

We walked over Ballard Down to Old Harry Rocks – columns of white limestone that the sea has sculpted from the headlands – and from there to Studland and our last “beach day” of the season.


Full tilt to Old Harry

Happy hikers

Studland Bay

Last of the summer cones

Taking in the view from Corfe Castle


One thought on “One last dash to the sea

  1. Wow, jealous of the warmth and the visit to the sea. Looks lovely. It must be good to cap off a summer like this. *squints through curtains of drizzle outside office window*. Claire x

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