Back to the plot

But enough of far-flung lands, what about our small patch of earth? Here’s how the allotment looked right before we left for the summer holidays:

29th July 2012

Despite the cold and wet weather, the allotment was beginning to hit its stride by the first of August. Besides harvesting and eating new potatoes, herbs, salad greens, the last of the broad beans, and the very first baby courgette or two, we were savoring some non-edible treats:

The fragrance of sweet peas wafts through the house. We were cutting armloads at a time.

Definitely more edible was this violet-hued confection:

Homemade blackcurrant ripple ice cream

When we returned home after three weeks away, we set out eagerly to see how everything had fared in our absence.

Vervactor surveys the scene at the end of August. The tassels of corn and the beans climbing their poles look promising …

Now, back to work.


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