A new coat for winter

Earlier this autumn we realized that our (attractively?) scruffy, weathered allotment sheds were becoming a bit too dilapidated. The roof of the green one was leaking and the protective stains covering the wood had essentially been worn away. Some sort of  refurbishment was sorely needed if we wanted them to remain standing through the coming winter winds and rain. So we finally assembled the necessary supplies to give them a much-needed spruce up.

“Forest Green” – the thirsty wood soaked up the paint and cried for more.

She loves to paint – even sheds.

The little red shed brightens up.

We’re pleased with the results – aesthetically and practically. But do you know what the best thing about finally getting around to painting the sheds was?

In preparing to paint, Nick cleared away the nettles and logs from behind the green shed and by doing so unearthed my long-lost set of keys! There they were, rusting but perfect, right where they must have been flung out of the door’s lock months before. Hooray!


One thought on “A new coat for winter

  1. How peaceful and pleasant! Since you sent this, our season has somersaulted into an approaching hurricane called Sandy, making the painting of sheds even more appealing to look at.

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