Fruitful autumn

It’s cold and getting dark earlier now, so it’s nice to look back to early autumn and celebrate some late harvests.

Autumn raspberries

Our autumn raspberries kept cropping for months. We ate lots on cereal and out of hand and I made some (seedy but delicious) jam. The plants continued to produce over a long period of time, and even this week when I ventured out to the sodden allotment, I spied red berries newly dropped on the ground. Hurray for a fruit that the birds don’t seem to poach!

We were picking a small punnet or two regularly from August through October.

Our sweetcorn harvest wasn’t extensive, but it felt like a triumph to end up with any after such a dismal summer. (Still, our “homegrown” didn’t match the sublime cobs we enjoyed from the farm stands of central Massachusetts and Western New York.)

The last of the beans and zucchini, some carrots, fennel and the pie pumpkins. Soon after harvesting, the first frost of the season arrived.




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